‘Move’ comes from the latest capsule from Mama Snake and artist Rose Marie Johansen’s multidisciplinary label.

Copenhagen-based newcomer Snog (Coluber) has shared a transcendent trance montage for their contribution to the latest release from Amniote Editions.

The multidisciplinary label, which was founded by Copenhagen producer Mama Snake and LA artist Rose Marie Johansen, release projects as “capsules”, bundles of diverse media formats that include music, videos, visual art and accompanying texts.

The third capsule, +ssRNA, features three Copenhagen artists, Parietal Eye, Snog (Coluber) and Teiid, releasing a techno EP, a trance two-tracker and an ambient album respectively, accompanied by a limited edition long sleeve, a video and poster, all created by Johansen.

All three releases, including ‘Move’, will be available on June 25 at the Amniote Editions Bandcamp.

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