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FACT mix 762: Metrist

Skewed rhythms and beat experiments from the Timedance affiliate.

Metrist’s tracks can be described in one word: playful. The UK producer’s style has skewed more towards the experimental and avant-garde since the peak time techno of early releases on Fifth Wall and Resin, but the line that traces throughout is a sense of fun and melody in the spirit of obscure ’90s rave tunes.

Over the past few five years, Metrist has become closely affiliated with Batu’s Timedance label. He debuted on the label in 2015 with a pair of chunky club tracks under his L:SAE moniker, but an appearance on the Patina Echoes compilation and two EPs in a planned trilogy called Pollen have put his productions firmly on the map.

“[My FACT mix is] an hour that tries to conjure my summer of 2010 – when electronic music at 170 and 140 BPM was all that mattered to me.” Metrist says. “I wanted to put across how much is possible at those tempos and how the more things change they also stay the same.”

“A coronavirus-induced locked down world to me feels similar to how it was in 2010 – in how I have those I speak to online and those that I live close to in south London. Just like the days of AIM and Future Garage. The world feels both smaller and larger simultaneously.”

Pollen, Pt. II is available now on Timedance. Find Metrist’s music on Bandcamp.


Trevor Wishart – ‘Audible Design’
Elsa Justel – ‘Midi De Sable’
Metrist – ‘Cortina Air’
Piezo – ‘Interlude’
Metrist – ‘Nathanielismo’
Jabes – ???
??? – ???
Homemade Weapons – ‘Omen VIP’
Metrist – ‘SHA Admin’
Icicle – ???
Mutebody – ‘Formant Warp’
Henry Greenleaf – ‘Glib’
Anile–- ‘Nothing Makes Sense’
Piezo – ‘Rowina’
Biome – ‘Looped Insanity’
Icicle – ???
Flore – ‘Coded Language’
Audible Design
Ploy – ‘Molotov’
Simo Cell – ???
Ebb – ‘Surface Tension’
Sub Basics – ‘Walk + Skank’
Etch – ‘T-1000’
Metrist – ‘That 6 Knife’
Bruce – ‘Longshot’
MC Leka – ‘Para de Gracinha’
Metrist – ‘Total Paper’
Jabes – ???
Laksa – ‘Ghosts’
Plug – ‘Yes Man’
Elysia Crampton – ‘Demo for Tio’
Stephen Bishop – ‘Studying Terminators’

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