An audiovisual mix showcasing the artists behind Copenhagen’s Amniote Editions.

Mama Snake has been a fixture on Copenhagen’s techno scene since she was part of the now-disbanded Apeiron Crew collective. Although she’s now a junior doctor, she still leads a double life as a DJ and label curator with a love of fast, hard and euphoric club music.

In 2019, she co-founded “mixed media channel” Amniote Editions alongside visual artist Rose Marie Johansen. The multidisciplinary label releases “capsules” that include music, posters, T-shirts and video from the Copenhagen scene and beyond.

Amniote Editions’ latest capsule, titled +ssRNA and released on June 25, features three releases by artists from the Danish capital (Parietal EyeSnog (Coluber) and Teiid) to mark a summer lost to quarantine.

Mama Snake’s FACT mix is an all-Amniote Editions set that showcases the platform’s blistering, emotional style, including tracks from Sidewinder (aka D. Dan), Sisilisko (aka Celestial Trax), Mehen, Atheris and more. In a first for the FACT mix series, Mama Snake’s mix is accompanied by a full-length video by Rose Marie Johansen.

Amniote Editions’ catalogue can be purchased at Bandcamp.


HoxA-5: Sisilisko – Behind The Sun
HoxD-7: Parietal Eye – Mt. Ida
Shh3: Intelligama – Hive Sedation (forthcoming)
HoxA-8: Mehen – Skin Confessions (Intellectual Version)
DCX-4: Moloch Horridus – Echoes Of A Memory (fortcoming)
HoxA-11: AEpep – 7p15.3
HoxA-8: Mehen – Heat From A Distance
ZRS-2: Atheris – XXX
+ssRNA1: Parietal Eye – Melody For The New Sister
HoxA-8: Avalanches Of Compromise
HoxD-13: Sidewinder – Brain Danage
TGF-ß5: Mehen – Silver Parade (forthcoming)
+ssRNA1: Parietal Eye – Sentimental Zodiac
TGF-ß5: Mehen – Memories All Over The Floor (forthcoming)
Shh3: Intelligama – Proof Of Assets (forthcoming)
+ssRNA6: Snog (Coluber) – Move
DCX-4: Moloch Horridus – Worlds Apart (forthcoming)
HiSeq: NGHTCRWLR – Nation Under Creep

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