Taken from his debut album, Nova Vida Passada.

Filmmaker Amy Gwatkin and artist Katie Shannon capture intimate moments shared between friends and lovers in the beautiful video for ‘Angelito’, a new single from Portuguese artist Luar Domatrix.

Starring CGI artist Maurice Andresen, CSM textile student Monique Fei, DJ Judith Klempner, photographer Leonie McQuillan and artist Katie Shannon herself, the video is nostalgic look back to pre-pandemic intimacy, as Gwatkin and Shannon explain: “Laying together in a bed, delicately painting each other’s nails, scrubbing knickers clean and acts we do alone to invoke such memories, keeping those people close.”

The video was shot by Seth Pimlott and features make up from Crystabel Riley, as well as a wardrobe made up of vintage piece, latex accessories by Monique Fei, and lingerie from Isosceles Lingerie.

The track is taken from the debut appearance of Luar Domatrix on Glaswegian label Domestic Exile. The album, Nova Vida Passada, which translated from Portuguese means “New Past Life”, draws inspiration from late ’90s and early ’00s R&B, hip-hop and pop culture.

Nova Vida Passada is out now.

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