Taken from his forthcoming album, Apparition Paintings.

Multidisciplinary sound artist and author David Toop has shared a gorgeous visual for ‘Suddenly the World Had Dropped Away’, the closing track on his forthcoming album, Apparition Paintings.

The album’s title refers to an ancient Chinese painting technique, in which pale ink was used to create delicate, translucent images. Each of the project’s 12 experimental compositions sees Toop, in his own words, tapping into “a language of love and desire in which we speak openly to all the unknowns, the speculative, the ancestral, the forgotten, the different, the extinct, the unimaginably distant and vast, the incomprehensibly small and intimately close, the fast or the slow”.

Apparition Paintings is one of two albums from David Toop forthcoming on Room40. Field Recording And Fox Spirits is an audio collage of material lifted from the past five decades of Toop’s career. Woven together by Room40 boss Lawrence English, the record is accompanied by a 40-page book featuring an extended conversation with Toop, as well as visual works and photographs from his archive.

Both Apparition Paintings and Field Recording And Fox Spirits arrive on September 11 and are available to pre-order now, at Room40.

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