Taken from his new EP, which centres around forest dwellers that mythologize A.I. technology.

Murlo has returned to the universe he intricately wove together with the sounds and images of his debut album Dolos, expanding its mythos with a new four-track EP.

Primed for Primal focuses on a group of forest dwellers that mythologize artificial intelligence and modern technology, worshipping them in ceremonies that are reminiscent of pre-Roman rituals surrounding nature, the sun and its associated deities.

Murlo illustrated and animated the visuals for the first track to be released from the EP, ‘Primal’. In the same way that Dolos was released alongside a 36-page graphic novel, the physical release of the EP will include four prints of his hand-drawn illustrations that expand the universe of the projects further.

Primed for Primal arrives on August 14 and is available to pre-order now, on Coil Records.

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