Featuring spoken word from DVA Damas’ Taylor Burch.

In 1962, French writer, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau sat down in his dining room to record a message for the year 2000. Covering everything from architecture and religion to modern medicine and the anxiety of youth, Cocteau reflects on the horizon of a new millennium.

It is this address that was in part the inspiration for The Other, a collaboration between Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch that incorporates spoken word, projected visuals and an evocative score. Burch recontextualises Cocteau’s words, transforming them into chilly incantations that reverberate around Kerridge’s productions, which shift from diaphanous ambient passages to frazzled hardcore and shivering techno.

Although subsequent performances of the live AV show were interrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19, the piece was originally intended to be projected on large sheets of semi-transparent fabric, running floor to ceiling in height and suspended at different depths.

Premiering at the 2019 edition of Berlin Atonal, artist Daisy Dickinson created the visuals for the piece and mixed them live during the performance, in response to the sounds and words of Kerridge and Burch.

The Other is out now, on Downwards Records. For more information about Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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