The FDM pioneer dances to his own beat in various locations across the city.

Hitmakerchinx describes flex dance music as both “a vessel that can bend genres through dancehall rhythm” and “the future of music”. After watching the artist dancing to his own high-energy productions, you might be inclined to agree with him.

Alongside DJ Aaron, Epic B and Uninamise, the dancer and producer is one of the pioneers of FDM, which supercharges elements of reggae and dancehall to soundtrack the fluid contortions fundamental to flexing, a kinetic dance style that joins the dots between Jamaica and New York.

Back in 2018, prior to his China tour, Hitmakerchinx was able to find the time to link up with promoter Dirty Dishes and filmmaker Lui Chen to film some choreography for his track ‘False Profit’, bringing FDM from its birthplace of Brooklyn to the streets of Beijing.

“Chinx had less than 24 hours in Beijing”, explains Dirty Dishes. “We spent a whole afternoon shooting in 40 degree steaming hot weather, Chinx’s whole dance vibe with his track blending so perfectly in the old city of Beijing, where the New York underground movement meets the rich street culture of Beijing.”

‘False Profit’ is taken from the album Cricket, with which Hitmakerchinx tells the story of Clive Lloyd, a Guyanese cricketeer who led the West Indies to victory over Australia at the 1975 Cricket World Cup final.

His most recent project, FLEX BLVD, is out now.

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