Artist Uršula Berlot channels subtle erotics in the kinetic visual.

Like all of us, Robin Rimbaud, best known as experimental electronics veteran Scanner, has recently been faced with prospect of having to stay at home. Perhaps inevitably, he turned to his live modular set up to respond to such strange times

Back in March he live-streamed an improvised performance and one of the many who tuned in was Ian Boddy, founder of DiN Records. He immediately invited Scanner to release an album made using the same set up and live improvisational process, the result was An Ascent.

For the title track, Rimbaud enlisted the talents of Slovenian artist Uršula Berlot to create a kinetic visual accompaniment for the composition. “I imagined a kind of a mental landscape, mixing words and images in a very abstract way”, she explians. “That’s why figurative elements – parts of men face and women body parts appear partially. I do like eroticism to be involved in a very discrete way.”

An Ascent is out now, on DiN.

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