A lysergic woodland journey into a place out of time and space.

Anna Homler first met Alessio Capovilla back in 2017, when the artists came together in Torino for an improvised live performance. Perhaps best known for her iconic recordings as Breadwoman, Homler’s melodic delivery of her own phonetic language provided the perfect counterpoint to Capovilla’s hypnotic electronic compositions.

Deciding to spend some time in the studio together on the strength of this collaboration, Homler and Capovilla began to piece together the five tracks that make up Vasi Comunicanti, a new EP for Turin label Gang Of Ducks.

According to the label, “the whole record creates a world with no geographical coordinates, where humans meet their primary feelings in a suspended time, escaping the present and the intelligible world.” This is especially apparent in ‘Mem’, the final track on the EP that sees Homler lending her lilting vocalisations to a woozy, reverb-heavy soundscape.

The accompanying video depicts a lysergic trip through the woods, brightly contrasted flora warped by gossamer camera work and playful digital effects .

‘Mem’ is taken from Vasi Comunicanti, out now on Gang Of Ducks.

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