Martin Maischein and David Foster resurrect their cult techno alias Teste for a new album on L.I.E.S.

As David Foster tells it, Teste was “still-born by the mid-90s”. “With the ensuing PTSD”, he continues, “I had become a shut-in working on the Amiga Computer for audio and video and completely immersed in grisly, depraved art-house cinema.”

It is from the trashy fervour of Manhattan’s 42nd Street that Teste was borne, playing grotty techno in sports bars and DIY venues. All the tracks that feature on Graphic Depictions, his new album for L.I.E.S., were sourced from decaying VHS, 4-track, DAT and MD tapes from this period and are presented in all their gritty glory.

The grainy visual for ‘Romans Are Dead’ reflects this period for Teste, as director and producer Sebastian Kökow draws together heavily edited B-movie footage for the evocative video.

‘Romans Are Dead’ is taken from the album Graphic Depictions, out now on L.I.E.S.

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