The NUXXE co-founder’s digital avatar emerges from a mass of amorphous goop in the self-directed visual.

Shygirl explores CGI sexuality in the video for her new single ‘FREAK’.

Produced by fellow NUXXE co-founder Sega Bodega, the high-speed sensuality of the new track perfectly soundtracks the emergence of a digital Shygirl avatar from an amorphous mass of pink and green goop.

‘Freak’ marks a continuation of an ongoing collaboration with Sega Bodega, and follows videos for their tracks ‘UCKERS’ and ‘BB’. Earlier this year she released ‘unconditional’, a collaboration with Arca and collaborated with SOPHIE for a live streamed AV set originally intended for Los Angeles’ online party HEAV3N.

‘Freak’ was made in collaboration with Maurice Andresen, Sy Blake and Mischa Notcutt.

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