Ellesmere Port’s finest returns with a monolithic slab of avant-trance.

Evian Christ makes his triumphant return with ‘Ultra’, his first new single since 2014’s Waterfall EP and his debut release for Warp Records.

For the suitably epic video, the producer enlisted the talents of longtime collaborator David Rudnick and director Daniel Swan to capture jaw-dropping footage of a gigantic wave at the O’ahu Waimea shorebreak in Hawaii, captured by BAFTA winning ocean cinematographer Chris Bryan.

Since Waterfall, Evian Christ was featured on Kanye West’s Yeezus and has produced for artists including Danny Brown, Cashmere Cat and Travis Scott. In 2018 he contributed a remix of Mark Leckey’s Exorcism of the Bridge @Eastham Rake, his soundtrack to his 2017 exhibition Affect Bridge Age Regression.

‘Ultra’ is out now.

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