Fact will also present a number of other shows featuring TCF, Steve Goodman and 700 Bliss from this year’s digital edition of Unsound.

Fact is teaming up with Krakow’s Unsound Festival to host a selection of works taking place as part of this year’s online edition. The theme for this year’s festival, which takes place from October 1–11, is Intermission.

“Meaning a break in a performance or production, here it also refers to the rupture caused by COVID-19, a period starkly separating before from after,” Unsound says of the theme. “The word therefore embodies multiple, and somehow contradictory, forces.”

Fact will be presenting performances from three days of the Unsound 2020 programme, including AFTERLIFE on October 10, an online MMO game, experimental space and curatorial project from Taiwan-based new-media art group NAXS corp. and experimental producer Meuko! Meuko!. The six-hour programme will include performances from Alex Zhang Hungtai, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang with Gang Gang Dance co-founder Dutch E Germ and sets from 33EMYBW, Gabber Modus Operandi, Hyph11e and more. You can watch the trailer for AFTERLIFE above.

On the same day, Fact and Unsound will also present a discussion between Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) and visual artist Lawrence Lek about Lek’s feature-length film AIDOL 爱道 moderated by journalist Lisa Blanning, as well as a presentation of Goodman’s own audio essay, Audio Virology.

On October 7, Fact will host Awne, the latest work from experimental musician and coder TCF, a composition method that “draws inspiration from biological processes, natural farming techniques, the twelve design principles of permaculture, our understanding of nature, microclimates and how to lower your impact on the environment.”

On October 9, Fact and Unsound present a newly commissioned work from 700 Bliss (Moor Mother and DJ Haram) and NY-based directors and visual artists Pussykrew. Taking the form of a non-linear piece inside a virtual environment, where participants can choose their own path and discover different elements inspired by the music and lyrics of 700 Bliss. Entry to the virtual space is limited, but the environment will also be streamed live on Twitch.

You can find timings for these performances below and the full schedule for this year’s Unsound at the festival website.

Wednesday, October 7

20:30 CEST – TCF presents: Awne

Friday, October

21:30 CEST – 700 Bliss & Pussykrew

Saturday, October 10

19:30 CEST – Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) presents: Audio Virology
20:00 CEST – Lawrence Lek presents AIDOL 爱道 LIVE
20:30 CEST – Artist discussion: Steve Goodman and Lawrence Lek

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