Check out the video, filmed by ​Fabian Schmidt, now.

Jamaica-born, Germany-based dancehall MC and longtime Equiknoxx collaborator Exile Di Brave has teamed up with Gavsborg on ‘Run’, an off-kilter heater that is the product of a feverish on the fly freestyle session.

“The moment Gavsborg laid down the instrumental, Exile was already knocking on the studio door”, explains the label, “bars off head top, freestyling the whole track in real-time.”

The video was filmed in August Town, Kingston by ​Fabian Schmidt during a time of social unrest in the area. “Gavsborg recollects being a designated watchman, along with Time Cow to alert the videographer if there was an incoming military patrol.”

‘Run’, featuring Exile Di Brave and Gavsborg, is out now on Equiknoxx Music.

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