A collaboration with visual artist Annie Tådne.

Tellurian Visions is an audiovisual accompaniment to Untold and Untold: A Tellurian Memorandum, the new album and poetry collection from Sophia Loizou. A collaboration with visual artist Annie Tådne, the work “re-interprets complex geological formations and their entangled states of existence, highlighting the deep connections between living systems, technological developments and earthly flows.” 

“In the face of looming ecological crisis it is vital that we are able to extend our love and respect beyond human boundaries – reaching out to try to hear the sentience of other forms of life” continues Loizou. “This audio-visual work envisions a series of speculative landscapes, whose vibrant and dynamic gestures communicate beyond the boundaries of species and form.”

Untold, the 30-minute soundscape that was released via Houndstooth last month, is the record of the speculative sounds of these landscapes, while Untold: A Tellurian Memorandum, Loizou’s debut collection of poetry, features written dispatches from these imagined places.

Speaking about Tellurian Visions, Loizou continues: “We hope that it offers glimpses of possible futures in which the sense of belonging to the fabric of life enhances our ability to empathise with and to live well alongside other forms of life.”

Both Untold and Untold: A Tellurian Memorandum are available now, via Houndstooth. For more information about Sophia Loizou and Annie Tådne, you can follow them both on Instagram.

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