TCF performs his latest work as part of Unsound 2020.

Fact has teamed up with Krakow’s Unsound to stream a selection of performances from this year’s online edition of the festival, which is themed around the idea of Intermission – an appropriate idea for a world put on hold by COVID-19. Today at 21:00 CEST we present Awne, the latest work from experimental musician and coder TCF.

“Awne is a system where natural farming, permaculture and biomimicry meets music and art,” Unsound says. “In recent years TCF has worked on setting up a way to compose art and music that draws inspiration from biological processes, natural farming techniques, the twelve design principles of permaculture, our understanding of nature, microclimates and how to lower your impact on the environment.

“This system will be used in the creation of the environment of the performance/lecture. By using and exploring this system it will increase your awareness of different processes that occur in nature and the complexity of these processes.

“The performance will present the system in a virtual world that is guided by some of the principles from the system itself. It will be built around the software (Unity + Machine Learning) that TCF is currently using in parts of his live performances.”

This event is co-presented with Music Norway. It’s free of charge, but you can support the festival and and donate here.

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