Kevin and Dantiez Saunderson make an irresistible house track in 10 minutes.

When Inner City, formed by Detroit producer Kevin Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey in 1987, released ‘Big Fun’ in 1988, they provided what was arguably dance music’s first big pop crossover moment, creating a winning vocal house formula that was often imitated but never bettered.

Over the past 32 years, Inner City has had a number of personnel changes, with Saunderson the constant member. Inner City’s most recent incarnation is a family affair, with Saunderson joined on production duties by his youngest son, Dantiez.

Earlier this year they released their latest album, We All Move Together, an LP that builds on the classic Inner City template with guest vocalists including Steffanie Christian, ZebrA OctobrA and Idris Elba. Their new single with Elba, ‘No More Looking Back’, is out in January 2021.

On this episode of Against The Clock, Fact visits Inner City’s Detroit studio where the duo make a track in 10 minutes, showing us just how much they can do with a simple chord progression and beat. Listen to the finished track below.

Filmed by Jonathan Humphrey

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