Director Cody Critcheloe, aka SSION, brings a rock ‘n’ roll fever dream to the small screen.

Yves Tumor stars alongside singer-songwriter Diana Gordon in the gloriously trashy video for ‘Kerosene!’, a highlight from their recent album, Heaven To A Tortured Mind.

An ode to overwhelming lust and surreal excess, the Crash-referencing video sees Tumor embroiled in what director Cody Critcheloe, also known as SSION, describes as “the Hottest/Nastiest love-triangle in what’s left of Middle America”.

“We set out to create an epic rock-n-roll-swindled story around a motley crew of characters”, explains Critcheloe. “Yes, it’s all true: Yves Tumor, Diana Gordon, Bailey Stiles and Chris Greatti tear it crazy as they loosen a few notches on the Bible Belt in pursuit of glam-packed caloric excess all-across-the-bored.”

‘Kerosene!’ is out now.

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