The incredible animated visual stars the three producers as Poochi The Dog, Chewy The Cat and P-Jay The Panda.

Dance System, India Jordan and Hudson Mohawke run wild in a virtual party world in the incredible animated video from Maria Gudjohnsen and Ingi Kristján Sigurmarsson for ‘Where’s The Party At?’, which takes it’s name from Dance System’s recently released 20-track collaborative mixtape.

Incorporating ‘Let’s Go!’, featuring India Jordan, and ‘Hands In The Air’, featuring Hudson Mohawke, the video sees the three producers transformed into a menagerie of cartoon wreckheads: Poochi The Dog (Dance System), Chewy The Cat (India Jordan) and P-Jay The Panda (Hudson Mohawke). Keep your eyes peeled for a brief cameo from A-Trak, who features elsewhere on the mixtape on the track ‘Retina Scan’.

Where’s The Party At? sees Dance System, aka producer James Connolly, teaming up with a wide array of “old and new friends”, for 20 tracks of slamming, ecstatic party music. “We can’t go to the club, and we can’t play out, so it’s taken me full circle,” explains Connolly, “back to those teenage days in my bedroom; lying in bed with my headphones on listening to music.”

“Back then, I had to imagine what clubs were like and now the whole world is in the same situation; it’s all out of reach and we can only go there in our imagination.” Designed as the perfect soundtrack for an enormous night out, Side A of the mixtape gets proceedings rolling, while Side B signals the start of an altogether livelier and more debaucherous affair.

Where’s The Party At? is out now.

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