Aron Sanchez-Baranda brings us in close to the intricacies of aquatic lifeforms left behind in tide pools.

Arca has enlisted the talents of Oliver Coates on her new EP, Madre. Today she has released a gorgeous visual accompaniment to the title track, a lilting and ornate composition for voice and cello. “I wrote ‘Madre’ years ago, and I did ‘Madreviolo’ playing the cello myself, before working with Oliver,” Arca explains. 

“After recording ‘Madreviolo’, I destroyed the cello I bought specifically for this” she continues. “It had to be like a one-time thing for the version where I pitched up my vocal to castrati registers. But the original version with my unprocessed vocals, which felt a necessary version to share alongside Madreviolo needed an arrangement that I could envision but couldn’t hear.”

“When I shared the acapella version with Oliver there was an insane resonance and chemistry; where he took it felt like the place I dreamed of but couldn’t reach without him.”

Wildlife photographer Aron Sanchez-Baranda responds to the track by bringing us in close to the glinting intricacies of aquatic organisms left behind in tide pools. You can find more information about the director of the video on Instagram.

‘Madre’ is taken from the EP of the same name, out now on XL Recordings.

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