An audiovisual piece inspired by vogue from the Brazilian artist, originally shown as part of the Rio festival’s 2020 programme.

Novas Frequências is Brazil’s most inquisitive music festival. Founded in 2011, the Rio de Janeiro-based event has played host to pioneering experimental artists from across the globe, inclusing William Basinski, RP Boo, Félicia Atkinson and many more.

Last year, as the pandemic curtailed international travel, the festival – headed by director and curator Chico Dub – decided to change its format, switching live shows for filmed performances and audiovisual works. For the first time in its history, the festival’s programming featured 100% Brazilian artists.

For the next two weeks, Fact will be presenting a selection of works from Novas Frequências’s 2020 programme, which took place last year from December 1–13. Works will include an audiovisual collaboration between novelist João Paulo Cuenca and composer Barulhista, mechanical sound art from O Grivo and ambient music from Drendiela.

Today, we present KWEEN, a specially commissioned audiovisual piece inspired by vogue and house music from multidisciplinary artist and DJ Aya Ibeji, a member of LGBTQIA+ collective Casa Imersiva OlharTransNegro.

You can follow Aya Ibeji on Instagram and listen to the full audio of ‘KWEEN’ on SoundCloud. Visit the Novas Frequências website for more information on the festival.

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