A meditation on ecological collapse from Brazilian musician Naves Cilíndricas.

Fact continues a series of works from Brazilian festival Novas Frequências’s 2020 programme with Tempo Real, an audiovisual piece from Naves Cilíndricas, the musical project of Rio de Janeiro-based artist Gabriel Junqueira.

Junquiera uses music as a way to expand on his work in digital media, which explores the relationships between body, materiality and technology. His music combines digital production techniques with vocals, creating an ethereal blend of high-concept club structures and melancholy ambient textures.

In the dream-like visual for Tempo Real, which juxtaposes utopian and dystopian scenes Junqueira appears to make a comment on widespread indifference to the climate crisis. Figures sunbathe while fires rage through the surrounding rainforest, which also threaten to engulf the surreal apartment building almost taken over by trees and vegetation.

Junqueira released two albums as Naves Cilíndricas in 2020: Imagens De Desastres Em Alta Resolução, released on the Meia Vida label, and Névoa, issued on Domina. Find more of Junquiera’s music at Bandcamp.

Fact will be presenting more from Novas Frequências 2020 this week. You can revisit all highlights from the festival so far in our archive.

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