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Fact Mix 800: Sunareht

A seratonin-inducing mix from the Paradoxe Club co-founder.

Sunareht is Sylvain Dessagne, a producer and DJ from Paris whose euphoric club tracks recall the era of classic ‘French touch’ and draw on the explosive run of ’00s Parisian club music. Together with likeminded artists Birol, Le Dom and De Grandi, he runs Paradoxe Club, a label that has been releasing some of the most exciting club music to come from France in recent years.

Last week, Sunareht released his debut album, Amorama. Written over the past two years, the album explores human emotion in an era where our interactions and experiences are carried out online. In keeping with Sunareht’s previous releases, Amorama is a burst of pure seratonin, whatever setting it’s experienced in.

To mark the release of Amorama, Sunareht helms this week’s Fact Mix, delivering a nostalgic selection of formative French club cuts from his past, as well as contemporary music from the Paradoxe Club family and beyond.

“With this mix I wanted to showcase some of the beauty and the talent we have here in the club music scene in France in 2021,” Sunareht says. “It is really narrowed down to my tastes but those are (most of) the people that force me to keep trying to push my music a bit further every time.”

“I also wanted to include music from artists that inspired me as a baby producer trying to mould my sound into something that is more me. While it’s easy to look at other countries’ club scene with awe, be jealous and try to mimic those sounds, those artists made me feel like us too we had some kind of French club music continuum and I’m more excited than ever to try to be part of it. I didn’t include any obvious tracks from both “French Touch” because it’s literally in my generation’s DNA and those guys don’t need more recognition anyway (obviously they still have a big influence on my music).

“Here I am a cis white dude talking about the importance of representation while 100% of the tracks in the mix are from men. I have big hopes that if someone has to do that same mix in a few years it will be packed with French queer and women identifying producers that will inspire the generations to come.”

Amorama is available now. Find Sunareht and Paradoxe Club at Bandacmp.


Sunareht – ‘148’ [WIP]
Para One – ‘Midnight Swim’ [Marble]
Design Default – ‘Eta Aquariids’ [unreleased]
Joakim & Bambounou – ‘Wizard Battle’ [Sound Pellegrino]
Sunareht – ‘Party Soundtrack Generator’ [Forthcoming Paradoxe Club]
Doline – ‘Vieux Nous’ [Paradoxe Club]
Brodinski & Sebastien Forrester – ‘766 Three Houses’ [unreleased]
Bobmo – ‘Deadpoint’ [Marble]
C. Ladaekon – ??? [unreleased]
Surkin – ‘Ultra Light’ [Marble]
Sylvere – ‘Wooh’ [Unreleased]
French Fries – ‘Bug Noticed’ [ClekClekBoom]
Sunareht – ‘Illusion’ [Forthcoming Paradoxe Club]
Voiski – ‘From White to Red’ (Suna edit)
Greg – ‘Langet’ [unreleased]
Canblaster – ‘Clockworks’ (Teki Latex & Para One Remix) [Nightshifters]
??? – ???
Le Dom – ‘Water Coaster’ [unreleased]
Surkin – ‘Ghetto Obsession 2006’ [Institubes]
Birol – ??? [unreleased]
Le Dom – ??? [unreleased]
De Grandi – ??? [unreleased]

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