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Fact Mix 801: object blue

“This is not an “at home” mix; it’s a “get me out of here, I want to drown in the club PA” mix.”

Since object blue came onto our radar in late 2017 with a handful of tracks and a growing reputation for thrilling live sets, the Tokyo-born, London-based artist has become one of club music’s most vital producers. Her unique style, which combines unpredictable rhythms, razor-sharp sound design and searing melodies, leans towards experimentation yet aims squarely at the dancefloor.

Following the release of her debut EP Do you plan to end a siege? on TT in 2018 (which featured one of Fact’s best tracks of the year), object blue has released a steady stream of essential EPs, including last year’s Hyperaesthesia EP in collaboration with TSVI on Nervous Horizon.

Earlier this month, she released Grotto, an audiovisual EP for TT that she describes as “a bit like if King Lear had been a millennial soap opera with a happy ending.” Made in collaboration with with her wife and creative partner, artist and photographer Natalia Podgórska, Grotto was premiered via Twitch.

This week’s Fact Mix is a high-octane club session from object blue, featuring tracks from M.E.S.H., De Grandi, Lechuga Zafiro, Elevenpigs and more. “I rented a room with 3 CDJs to record this, to play what I want to play if clubs opened today and I was thrown in the booth,” says object blue.

“Something overwhelming, three tracks going on at once, sometimes only one track thudding away to give you room to breathe, before being garbled by other tracks. Cutting away rhythms of one track and enmeshing the rhythm of another, hectic parts held together by a synth line. It was like a workout, I couldn’t continue beyond 45 mins, because that “Night Drone” track is so beautiful and carves its own world. This is not an “at home” mix; it’s a “get me out of here, I want to drown in the club PA” mix.

Grotto is out now on TT. Find more of object blue’s music at Bandcamp.


ouri – ‘We Share Our Blood’ (Biome Remix)
Superficíe – ‘No Oco’
M.E.S.H. – ‘Alright, NO’/’Scythians’
Will Lister – ‘Close Car’
Twofold – ‘Timbales Track’
Bazrah – ‘Scandalous’
Benbo – ‘L for L’
Elevenpigs – ‘URLIRL’
Alptrack x Twofold – ‘HOLD UP’
TSVI – unreleased
Deft & Lewis James – ‘Teleporter’
De Grandi – unreleased
Atrice – unreleased
Lorica – unreleased
Ssiege – ‘Turbe in Sviluppo’
Fjaak – ‘WH?T’
Prequel Tapes x dBridge – ‘Stray Thrills’
Jumping Back Slash – ‘Set Fire to the Forest’
Lechuga Zafiro – ‘Tambor Espada (سكين)’ feat. C1080
Never Worse – ‘She’s Gone’
Elevenpigs – ‘TRUANT’
De Grandi – unreleased
Dervisis – unreleased
gl00my – ‘Night Drone’

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