The unique digital artwork is now on sale as an NFT.

In the first of a series of four NFTs being made available for auction by Russian multidisciplinary duo in partnership with Fact, the two artists look to the Renaissance, with an audiovisual work that reflects on Michaelangelo’s masterpiece, David.

In the piece, which is currently being auctioned on NFT marketplace SuperRare, the duo construct a ghostly digital simulacrum of David’s head, while the sound is generated with modular synthesisers in real-time. The work poses interesting questions around authenticity in the age of NFTs, which exist digitally but provide proof-of-ownership.

Each NFT will be showcased by Fact in a virtual exhibition throughout this week. You can find the pieces at’s SuperRare profile, where they are all currently up for auction. You can find more information on buying NFTs at SuperRare here.

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